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I would recommend this company to anyone looking for certification in EMR. It is a lengthy course and the knowledge base is very demanding. I found that Swift Response provided a very good balance of education styles. This really helped me with the enjoyment and understanding of the required materials. I look forward to coming back to this company when I am eligible to re-certify.

Patrick Boone

For anyone looking for the best of the best company to enroll yourself in, you are in the right place. Steve and his team namely Lexi, Tim, Shannon and Tyler are very talented in what they do and they have a lot of patience in explaining things and also they do it in a way that's easier to understand.

Selvi M

I took the wilderness first aid training and it was great! I found the teaching approach to be very hands on and practical, testing skills through scenarios and lots of wilderness tips and tricks that you might not normally see in a standard first aid course.

Sarah Murphy
Rescue personnel and EMR

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Swift Response is a Canadian company providing high quality, real-world training in First Aid, CPR and Rescue.

We provide hands on experience;
transforming knowledge into action for real life situations.

We are a certified Canadian Red Cross Training Partner.

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What makes high quality, valuable training

What makes high quality, valuable training

High quality training can make the difference between a really switched-on team, and one that stumbles.  Although it may seem straightforward there...
Training Connections: Integrating Psychological First Aid

Training Connections: Integrating Psychological First Aid

By integrating psychological first aid into every training situation, we are committing it into our muscle memory as a key element in our first response. Whether we are responding to a fire, a medical call or a rescue, we know there are people we are going to impact and the best response we can give is one of skill, professionalism and psychological safety. 
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