Wilderness and Remote First Aid: Which course is right for me?

Whether you are a hiker, like camping with your family, are experienced in back-country expeditions or are responsible for medical response in a wilderness setting, we have the course that is right for you.

Wilderness First Aid

The 20 hour Remote First Aid course is built for outdoor enthusiasts who want to be prepared in case someone is injured and needs first aid care.  In a more remote or wilderness setting, you don't always have access to the same supplies, and EMS is more than just a phone call away... This course prepares you how to pack and plan for this situation, how to manage care and shelter for an injured person, as well as covering all of the Standard First Aid and CPR material you would find in a Standard First Aid course, but geared to a Wilderness situation. 

The 40 hour Wilderness First Aid course includes and builds upon the 20 hour Remote First Aid program, and in addition covers more advanced first aid techniques, how to transport a patient, and includes additional realistic scenarios to learn and practice your first aid, teamwork and problem solving skills. Many of our students who complete the 20 hour Remote First Aid program decide to sign up for the second weekend, to complete the advanced program.

The 80 hour Wilderness First Responder program is built for rescuers and first responders who specialize in decision making, extrication, and transport in remote and wilderness settings.  This program teaches you leadership skills, decision making in non-traditional environments, and the skills to respond and provide care in a remote setting.  Wilderness First Responders are trained to provide care overnight, and up to a few days, as well as evacuation.  

Still not sure which course is right for you?

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