A large group of people outdoors in the woods hearing a lesson about wilderness navigation

Wilderness Navigation

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In this introductory course to navigation you will be learning the basics of Wilderness Navigation (fundamentals of land navigation by map and compass), including parts of a map, use of a compass, understanding UTMS, grid reference points, how to plot bearings, measuring distance, estimating distance and pacing and following a bearing.

Throughout the course we will be doing various activities to practice and reinforce the lessons as well as provide a take-home activity to further practice. The maps and equipment used in the course are high quality, and are suitable for recreational or professional backcountry use. 

This course is suited for those spending time in the backcountry; be it campers, skiers, scout groups, outdoor groups and general outdoor enthusiasts. This course is also suitable for professional guides, search and rescue technicians or volunteers.  This course is also a fun weekend learning activity for families of (almost) all ages!

This program is recommended as an addition to our Remote First Aid and Wilderness First Aid Programs. 


Enniskillen Conservation Area 

Bowmanville, Ontario

There will be both a classroom and outdoor component.



4 hours

Certification:  This course is educational/recreational in nature and is a non-certificate program. 



Our instructor is experienced in Wilderness First Aid and navigation for all groups and ages, and has taught this and similar programs with Canadian Military, Fire departments and search and rescue technicians.