Ice Rescue - Awareness Level

Ice Rescue - Awareness Level

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Ice Rescue Awareness level is an ice rescue course recommended for anyone who works, lives or plays on or near cold water. At this level participants learn hazard awareness, steps to be taken in an emergency as well as the use of protective equipment and rescue devices required to conduct a rescue. Participants will learn and practice self-rescue techniques and first aid for cold emergencies.

Day 1 is focused on theory and information on how to identify hazards and what to do in an emergency. Day 2 is spent in the field, practicing skills and using information learned in day 1, including demonstrating self-rescue.  



Swift Response instructors are made up of experienced military, fire, and veteran rescuers who know the ins and outs of proper rescue procedures and techniques, providing real world training for real life situations. Safety is our top priority.


Swift Response certification confirming completion and demonstration of the skills under NFPA 1006


There are currently no upcoming courses booked, however we are able to provide courses for private groups of 6 or more.  Please reach out to us to discuss program options and dates that work for you and your group.